video equipment rent shanghai

video equipment rent shanghai

Do you need to rent video equipment? video production shanghai provides video equipment rental service that might fits your budget and on demand, we have done years of video equipment rental service in shanghai, and make sure our clients gets the best equipment.

video equipment quotation comes fast, easy and neat.

Our producer will answer your email and reply your email with the estimated budget, with this being sent, we also provide you a lot of support questions on the projects.

video equipment rent safe,well supported,

we know our equipment well, we use them in our daily production projects too, we open for answering our client’s question, make sure all the questions are answered, we can also provide you all the possible support you can get.

todays technology ready

4k,working station,adobe,4g hotspot,3g hotspot,wireless on site access,ftp upload,we can give you a lot more than video equipment, we stay on top of the technology so our client can have a alternative option.


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