video production shanghai

video production shanghai

Video production shanghai? We are based in Shanghai and we have done years of video production, video production shanghai expert ready to get their brains on your project, we can provide you video production crew, equipment, casting, location, etc, we are here to help you get things done.

what’s the advantage of video production shanghai?

shanghai is the new hongkong? Maybe not reach that far yet, but it is getting there, most international companies and brands have set up their office in Shanghai and most of their “China Marketing” is done in here, we have worked with a lot of brands for their projects, and our resource make sure we can get things done.

why doing video production in shanghai?

Shanghai is like a financial center for China, regardless the party, the video production resource in this cities is getting bigger and bigger, more and more local talents are catching the step, and more foreign crews are coming to china doing the exchange on skills and business, we belive that we can combine the resource and make it more useful for our client, thus make things happen better for our client.

is it safe to do video production in shanghai?

shanghai is the safest city in china, almost, none of the project we done has encounter any trouble with locals, the climate here is also quite average compared to other cities, so generally it’s a very safe city to work on projects, the transportation is also very easy, you can almost go to anywhere through the airport, train station. the local and international banks allow you to do transfer and withdraw with no problem.

is it cheap to expensive to do video production in shanghai?

no, it is not expensive to do video production in shanghai, the local and international talents team up to throw the best ideas on the project, and people here do work professionally and hard on the project, same as the equipment, the usual discount you find in USA can be found in Shanghai as well, we offer some decent discount for the long term rental and project.

shanghai video production
shanghai video production

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