film production china

Research services for TV programs, documentaries and factual programs.
Transport and accommodation to suit your needs and budget; specialized production vans for crew, equipment and luggage; dedicated and flexible drivers.
Whatever your needs – kids, kung-fu masters or Caucasians – shootinchina can find the right ones.

From the vast Mongolian steppe, the deserts of Xinjiang and the towering Himalayas to the industrial hinterland and the glittering urban jungles of the eastern seaboard, China offers an unparalleled range of unique locations. We can find a location for your project that will exceed expectations.
Specific permits are required for film projects in China involving government employees or locations. Procedure takes approximately from one week to three weeks, depending on length and scale of shoot.
Customs clearance – even if you’re on tourist visas we can help you with short notice rapid customs clearance for your equipment.
Production assistants
Interpreters with industry experience
Art directors

Libra heads
Tracking vehicles
Photography equipment
Techno crane

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