Personalised Viral Vide

Personalised Viral Video (feat. Facebook data)

The Format Productions has developed a new form of viral video that enables your brand to reach more people, and harvest more consumer data than ever before.

This viral video format enables the viewer to integrate an image of themselves (or their friends) directly into the video content. This format make the viewer the star of the video. The result is a very personalised campaign.

Viral Loop

The user can forward a link of their video to anyone they want to show it to. Once these people have received the link (and have viewed the video), they too will have the opportunity to create their own personalised video. This completes the viral loop. There is no limit to the number of times this viral loop can cycle.


This form of viral video is made possible by a viral video engine, developed and owned by shootinchina Productions. It connects with Facebook, and once permission has been granted by the user, it pulls personal data from their Facebook account e.g. profile photo.

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