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film production china

Research services for TV programs, documentaries and factual programs.
Transport and accommodation to suit your needs and budget; specialized production vans for crew, equipment and luggage; dedicated and flexible drivers.
Whatever your needs – kids, kung-fu masters or Caucasians – shootinchina can find the right ones.

From the vast Mongolian steppe, the deserts of Xinjiang and the towering Himalayas to the industrial hinterland and the glittering urban jungles of the eastern seaboard, China offers an unparalleled range of unique locations. We can find a location for your project that will exceed expectations.
Specific permits are required for film projects in China involving government employees or locations. Procedure takes approximately from one week to three weeks, depending on length and scale of shoot.
Customs clearance – even if you’re on tourist visas we can help you with short notice rapid customs clearance for your equipment.
Production assistants
Interpreters with industry experience
Art directors

Libra heads
Tracking vehicles
Photography equipment
Techno crane

Video making:The important things about of audio

Here’s a short series of videos from Microphone manufacturers Sennheiser that will help you improve your sound when shooting
The most important lesson? Get it right at the time. You can’t get extraneous sound out of your recording once it’s done – unless you have software like this. But even so, its worth spending time and effort to get your recordings absolutely clean.

As you’ll hear in one of the videos, bad audio can actually make people think that the images are bad as well!

Thanks to Geert Verdickt for putting together a great series of tutorials.

Camera man in Shanghai

camera man shanghai

Camera man in Shanghai?

We have a team of good camera man ready to get the involved in our projects, they focus on different types of shooting, could sure be the 1st eye on set.

contact us today for the good camera man: [email protected]

Professional Cameraman, One Email away.

Shoot In China has been working closely with some decent professional camera man in Shanghai, our goal is to help our client to source the most suitable camera man for the upcoming project.

Dop, Camera Assistant, Focus Puller

We always ask our client about the project, so we know what skill level is required, as most camera talent we know has different levels, thus the cost is different, we won’t over charge client for small talent, but we also don’t want ruin our client’s project by sending the wrong talent.

Bi-lingual Camera man in Shanghai

Our camera man are mostly based in Shanghai China, and depends on our client’s requirement, we can arrange the bi-lingual camera man, feel free to contact us for more details.


Our camera man came from different background, no matter what types of project it is, we sure we can find you the right candidate for your project.

camera man shanghai
camera man shanghai

sound recordist in shanghai

sound recordist shanghai

sound recordist in shanghai

Sound guys in Shanghai? We have a numbers of good sound enginner in Shanghai ready to work on the gigs.

Contact us today for the sound guy: [email protected]

Sound Engineer for Video Production and Film Production

Sound Engineer, Boom Operator, no matter what types of sound work you needs sound talent, we find the right candidate for you. We are experienced with video production and film production, so we have a wide range of talents for our clients.

On set recording with our sound engineer

TVC, CORPORATE VIDEO, DOCUMENTARY, FEATURE FILM, our sound engineer knows what they are doing, with the most advanced sound equipment, we will help you get the best sound!

sound recordist shanghai
sound recordist shanghai

gaffer in shanghai

gaffer in shanghai

gaffer in shanghai

our experienced gaffer team is always ready to help with your lighting on set, heavy loads, tough duties, they are always on top of everything.

Contact us today for gaffer crew help in Shanghai: [email protected]

Gaffer for TVC and more

Our gaffer work on a lot of tvc and feature films, in our past years of experience, we have known a lot of great gaffers for our client’s project.

Lighting, Rigging, Gripping

Our gaffer with great grip team can help on difficult project, they are hard working and always ready to help our client.

gaffer in shanghai
gaffer in shanghai

video producer shanghai

video producer shanghai

video producer shanghai

Full range of production service, local&foreign producers available to assist with your Shanghai or China Shoot, contact us today: [email protected]

Bilingual Producer in China

Our producer came from different background, they are also bilingual, most of producers have years of experience in film production and video production, no matter if it’s tvc, film, corporate video or documentary, our producer will help you handle the project like their own.

Producer knows about China

Our producer knows about China, and we sure we will help our clients with our experience.

Video Production and Film Production

In the era of new digital world, our producer all well adapt to the digital video production, same time, their old time experience with film production also help a lot.


We have different skills sets of producers that available, as the project are different from time to time, we make sure we set up the best talents for the right project.

video producer shanghai
video producer shanghai

Personalised Viral Vide

Personalised Viral Video (feat. Facebook data)

The Format Productions has developed a new form of viral video that enables your brand to reach more people, and harvest more consumer data than ever before.

This viral video format enables the viewer to integrate an image of themselves (or their friends) directly into the video content. This format make the viewer the star of the video. The result is a very personalised campaign.

Viral Loop

The user can forward a link of their video to anyone they want to show it to. Once these people have received the link (and have viewed the video), they too will have the opportunity to create their own personalised video. This completes the viral loop. There is no limit to the number of times this viral loop can cycle.


This form of viral video is made possible by a viral video engine, developed and owned by shootinchina Productions. It connects with Facebook, and once permission has been granted by the user, it pulls personal data from their Facebook account e.g. profile photo.